Getting The Best Flavor From Your New E-juice

Posted by Scott Proudfoot on

 You fill your tank or drip a new flavor and you are unimpressed .... what to do ....

Step 1.  Adjust your wattage, try turning down the power and closing off some airflow.  When you tighten up the draw you will pull more juice in and at lower wattage it will be cooler.  Conversely, turn the power up, heat up that vape and open up the airflow for clouds.  Play around, look for your sweet spot maintaining safety and avoiding dry hits.

Step 2.  Try the ejuice in a different atomizer.  Let me give you an example, my Sweet Lemon Tart is best on my Blitzen RTA ( left ), followed by the Drop RSA ( 2nd left).  To me it is not so good in the Kylin RTA or Goon RDA.  My Canzi I only like in my Kylin RTA for some reason.  Fruit and candy flavors for me work best in that Kylin.  Creams and custards works best for me in the Drop on a squonk mod.  Bakeries, again to me work best in the Blitzen or dripping on the Goon.

Step 3.  Change you  cotton if using an RBA.  I am a big fan of Cotton Bacon, especially the new Cotton Bacon Prime.  I like the Prime in my Drop but see no difference in the RTA's.  In fact, in the Kylin RTA I often use those cheap cotton pads from the drug store.

Step 4. Change your coils (RBA).  I could write a book on this, I have my preferred coils for each device.  Both RTA's have NI80 / Kanthal Aliens at about .22ohms.  SS fused claptons in the Drop at .12ohm and 7 wrap dual parallel SS in the Goon at about .12. The Goon is my cloud chasing device because of the big side airflow. That airflow plus the surface area of the coils equals clouds.  If I want flavor, I switch to the Blitzen or Drop.  The multiple small side airflow holes equals flavor and super smooth airflow.   One coil does not fit all as they say.

Step 5. Change your drip tip.  Drip tips can have a profound effect.  A less narrow and longer drip tip will produce a more mouth-to-lung vape which leans towards more flavor.  A wider bore usually means direct lung.  Mix it up ?  Try different ones.

Still no results ?  Put your juice in a dark cool cabinet and let it continue to steep.  When you get a new atomizer or coils, try it again.  Allow the flavor molecules more time to bind with VG.  Consider a lower nic level next time.  Nicotine tastes terrible,  the higher your nic level, the worse it is going to taste.  Consider a different VG/PG ratio.  PG carries the flavors better while VG produces better clouds.  I like a 75/25 ratio myself overall but a 90/10 would sure check clouds and a 60/40 would be more flavorful.

My point is I see a lot of people that only vape 1 device in one way and get disappointed when their new juice doesn't taste as well as hoped .  With so many variations available, e-juice taste varies per device.

Change how you vape, not what you vape if you want best results.


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